SOLD II Auction Software HISTORY

SOLD II® was introduced as the first multi-user Auction Management System in 1982. Since that date, SOLD II® has the led the industry in computer innovation for the Auction Industry: From its early begginings SOLD II® has been a comprehensive management solution providing the very best and fastest Auction Clerking functions and detailed reconciliation and reporting capabilities.

SOLD II® has always emphasized auction marketing and integration of these functions to the data collected by running auctions. Our current CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system has grown out of our earlier Contact management and direct mailing systems. A historical hallmark of SOLD II's software is enabling thousands of Auctioneers to provide better customer service

Some other SOLD II innovations:

SOLD II® has thousands of auction firm clients throughout North America where successful auction businesses in every State and Province are using SOLD II® . Auction businesses in S. Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Great Britain, as well as the Far East and Europe are using SOLD II.